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A One Network Pvt. Ltd. was founded in July 2019 with the aim of providing faster internet network with quality bandwidth and on-time maintenance in affordable prices, Aone Network Pvt. Ltd. is established with main office at Gorkha. This milestone has been achieved through a focused and dedicated approach to provide an efficient and unmatched level of customer support.

We are entirely focused on the effective customer support and service mechanism. Since customer satisfaction is our first priority we have put into effect to be a better service provider using the latest technology under supervision of its excellently experienced engineers serving our large number of customers. We are constantly developing our team to generate innovative packages and provide new and affordable product and service to our valuable customers creating even more compelling arguments for our existence.

Best Selling Plans

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Home Plans


1 Mbps

Charge : Rs. 499

Per Month : rs. 640

Per Year : rs. 7650


5 Mbps

Charge : Rs. 999

Per Month : rs.1275

Per Year : rs. 15310


10 Mbps

Charge : Rs. 1099

Per Month : rs. 1400

Per Year : rs. 16840


15 Mbps

Charge : Rs. 1299

Per Month : rs. 1660

Per Year : rs. 26035


25 Mbps

Charge : Rs. 1699

Per Month : rs. 2170

Per Year : rs. 26035


40 Mbps

Charge : Rs. 2499

Per Month : rs. 3190

Per Year : rs. 38290


75 Mbps

Charge : Rs. 2999

Per Month : rs. 3830

Per Year : rs. 45950

Business Pack


3 Mbps

Charge : Rs. 1150

Per Month : rs. 1470

Per Year : rs. 17620


5 Mbps

Charge : Rs. 1500

Per Month : rs. 1915

Per Year : rs. 22985


Home Fiber

Door Step Payment



Corporate Plan


Empower your workforce to stay connected and productive with the best mobility plans, devices, and solutions. Connect, work, and grow faster to better serve customers with Fiber high-speed Internet for your business.


"Best customer service in town. Fast, responsive and reliable 🙂"
Sandhya Gautam
"Just wanted to say thank you for an amazingly fast start to your service, you have managed to get me connected in 2 days, this is astonishing! The support when needed has been outstanding. I look forward to enjoying your service for many years to come."
Priya Sunar
"I am very happy with my internet connection of Aone Network. I have recommended the fast and reliable service of Aone Network to all my friends and since then they have stopped the complaint on the sluggish internet. Just surf and be happy 🙂"
David Bista
"Great broadband, excellent service and friendly,Aone Network connection is really good I would recommend it highly for one-and-all."


"Most frequent questions and answers"

Head Office: Haramtari-6, Gorkha , Nepal

Please visit our contact page and call to Aone Network representative before your internet get expired. 

To change your router’s password:
Step 1: Enter your router’s IP address( your favorite web browser.
Step 2: Log in with the default username and password (both admin, useradmin).
Step 3: Go to Setting i.e Wlan Setting.
Step 4: Select Change Router Password or a similar option.
Step 5: Enter the new password.
Step 6: Save the new settings.

Step 1: Router get stuck and you should switch off and on the router
Step 2: You should change your router password.

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  • Head Office
    Haramtari - 6 , Gorkha , Nepal
  • 064 - 421381
  • 9801709963

  • Marketing(gorkha)
    Gorkha Municipality -6 ,Kalimatitol , Haramtari , Gorkha
  • 064-421381 ,9801709964
  • gyan@aonenetwork.com.np


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