Privacy Policy for Customer

Aone Network Privacy Policy for Customer/Potential Customer Contact Information explains Aone’s use of contact information shared by customer or potential customer to Aone Network. This policy only pertains to the contact information shared to Aone. Agreeing to this policy provides us the right to use your data as described in this policy.

How we collect your contact information data?
Aone Network collects user data when it is willfully provided to us, such as filling up sales inquiry form, service registration form, online lead forms etc. What do we use the contact information data for?

  • To market our services such as via through phone, email, SMS, social media etc.
  • To advertise our services.
  • To communicate for installation, support, billing, services, products or apps.
  • For feedback so we can improve our service.
  • For research purposes.
  • To preventing and investigate illegal activities and violations of our Terms, Use Policies and other service conditions or restrictions.
  • To verify or authenticate your identity so as to detect fraud, billing and collection, protecting your Aone Network account information and authorizing transactions.